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Free PNG Optimizer 2.2

A tool to reduce the size of your PNG files without any noticeable quality loss
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Free PNG Optimizer is a handy tool that allows you to reduce the size of your PNG files without any noticeable quality loss. Besides, the program can also process other kinds of image files, such as JPEG, BMP, GIF, WMF, etc. Therefore, it can also be used to convert images in other formats into optimized PNG files.

The program offers a simple and functional user interface with a command ribbon, with a clear Office 2010 style. You can add one or more source image files to be optimized and converted into PNG, as the program supports batch processing. You can add these files individually, by folders or by loading them from a previously saved list. Once your list of source files is ready, you can start the optimization-conversion process with a single click.

Before starting the process, you can set the optimization level to a value ranging from 0 to 7. The higher this value is, the more optimized the output files will be, but the process will take longer to complete, too. In addition, you can also change the default output folder to any other of your choice.

Finally, the program also offers you an advanced mode, which allows you to make use of additional tasks. For example, you can select an action to be taken in case a resulting file already exists, change the processing order or the source files, export the source list to an external file and browse the properties of the selected file.

In conclusion, this lightweight tool allows you to convert multiple image files in many formats into optimized PNG files, reducing their size as much as possible without reducing their quality.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Simple and functional user interface
  • Can be used to convert into PNG images in other formats
  • Supports batch processing
  • Allows you to add source files individually, by folders or from a previously saved list
  • Allows you to set the optimization level


  • Poor visual design
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